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Notes From The Nurse

How Can I Protect My Children From The Sun?

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Spring Has Sprung!

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 December - Health Tips

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Medication Administration

  • All students receiving medication in school (prescription and over the counter) must have written parental permission. In addition, a doctor's written order is required for medications which will/may be given for the entire school year, for a long term (more than 10 doses), or for medications for which the nurse deems a doctor's order necessary.

  • All medicines must be in the original, pharmacy labeled container - baggies will NOT be accepted. A parent or responsible adult must drop-off and pick-up the medicine.

  • Students are NOT allowed to carry medicine to school on the bus or during school in their possession (backpack, purse, locker, etc.) Exceptions are for inhalers, Epi-pens or other emergency medications - providing that prior arrangement has been made with the nurse.